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Many try to repair electrical mishaps or install fixtures and equipment themselves ...

This is not only dangerous, it can and usually does lead to more expensive repairs down the road. Avoid the headaches ...


Commercial entities have a repairman. Ask yourself, "What do I really like about 'em"?

There's no need to keep using someone that is slow or makes the job harder than it should be. Use a pro - Keith Williams LLC!


Rid yourself of the headaches that an under-achiever can bring to your home/place of business.

My knowledge and experience of everything from HVAC, Wifi aids, power hook-ups, wiring, etc will get the power on!


Hi, Keith Williams LLC is your safest, fastest and more sensible choice when you need an electrical professional. The electrical world changes everyday, and along with new laws, regulations and ordinances, you need someone that is 'in-the-know' and will get the job done right.

Going about our daily lives, we, as a whole, rarely give any thought to the importance of our home or office's indoor air quality. Keith Williams LLC can get you set up with such amenities as UV lights, an indoor "Air Scrubber", and outfit your home or office with better filters etc. We are also your expert choice for adding and/or repairing zoning systems for the heating/cooling in the house or office. You may need new thermostats which include digital setback and WiFi stats so one can control the heating/cooling system from any internet connected device, and even thermostats with remote sensors.

There is no shortage around the Twin Cities for average, run-of-the-mill 'electrical guys'. Keith Williams LLC is so much more than what you call randomly and receive for services. Staying up on all the latest remote control options for most of your home or office's electrically-controlled devices is only half of the knowledge you will want in your technician. You also want the experience that comes with all the years of installations and repairs on thousands of models of all the things mentioned above.

Being one of the top Minnesota electricians for many years, the experience Keith Williams brings to the scene will make you glad you didn't just settle for anybody and everybody. The savings people have enjoyed using Keith Williams LLC for their electrically-oriented jobs is reason enough to call in itself, and just as easy for you to benefit from. Call now for expert electrical problem-solving.
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