Electrically Controlled Appliance & Device Installation

Installation & Repair of Anything Electrically Powered or Controlled, including Remote Controls for Home Appliances, etc.

Trying to find 'THE' electrical tech you can trust? You FOUND Him!
• Over 30 years experience in electrical diagnosis and repair!
• Unsurpassed knowledge of modern home and office remote access
• Problem-solving for troublesome, space-saving installations
• HVAC electrical installation and zoning systems specialist
• Indoor Air Quality device, Air Scrubber & UV lights expert
• Self-contained service vehicle for city as well as rural servicing
• Certified and Licensed installs & repairs
• Did we mention over 30 years experience?
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Keith Williams is a Master Electrician with the experience you want!
There are only so many things that one can 'do themselves' without endangering their well-being and even their family. Anything electrical, installed, repaired or 'hooked-up' wrongly is a disaster waiting to happen. Just because it worked when the power is added, on a self-repaired or self-installed apperatus does not mean that it is safe into the future. Electrical outlets and other wiring have a strange way of causing a fire. NEVER take unnecessary chances -

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