Home or Office Electrical Repair for Wiring & Devices

"Master Electrician" DOES NOT Mean Higher Prices!

When some people see the term, "Master Electrician", they instantly come to a false conclusion that it automatically equates to higher prices ...
When you use a Master Electrician like Keith Williams, you're making the best decision you can make because of the experience, which means speed and knowledge:
• Taking less time to get the job done
• The experience to do the job RIGHT the first time
• Avoids mistakes that lead to another, expensive repair
• 'Self-contained' means NO expensive crews or equipment
• Experienced solutions for complex designs and installations
• SAVES time and money for any job!

Service Areas: Keith Williams LLC services Battle Lake,Eagle Lake, Henning, Clitherall, Underwood, Otter Tail, Ottertail, Perham, Fergus Falls, Minneapolis, St Paul, as well as the suburbs of St Paul/Minneapolis Minnesota.

Making the right choice for WHO you have making your electrical repairs is just as important as any other decision you'll ever make for your home or office. We've ALL seen it: We've watched someone who 'thinks' they know everything there is to know about a particular electrical repair, only to botch the repair up to the point where it will take thousands of dollars in unforseen repairs that result from the inexperience that comes along with "do-it-yourselfers".

The LAST things you'll want to result from using an inferior repairman are the fire dangers that can culminate, even from wiring overheating overnight, resulting in fire devastation and/or, heaven forbid, a fire that could easily consume your home or business.

    Avoid the Hazards - Who You Use Makes ALL the Difference!